Myles' Masterpiece: Titanic Gravity

The Titanic & Rainwater Harvesting


Myles Minter is an expressive artist.

On this day of WISE Water Cycle club class, the students were to diagram the rainwater harvesting system on campus at Garden Oaks as a means to understand gravity's effect on the water cycle. Myles wanted to draw the Titanic. It would be his reward for completing the entry in his science journal. (The imagery at the bottom shows the rain gutters and reservoir.)

This bold, intense vision of the Titanic as it impacts with the iceberg changed my teaching. Now, when students ask to draw ___, I say YES! but ask them to show the concept of the day with their image.  He was finally engaged, creating, not looking to others for reassurance of the "right" way, but focused and delighted with the outcome. Me too.


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