Mail-in Sponsorship Form

Mail-in Sponsorship Form to:
Child Care Council of Greater Houston, Inc.
6220 Westpark, Suite 150
Houston, Texas 77057


                                                               square.png STEM Partner (Title Sponsored) $7,500
                                                               square.png Early Childhood Partner $5,000
                                                               square.png Business Partner $3,000
                                                               square.png Education Partner $1,500
                                                               square.png Community Partner $850
                                                               square.png General Seat $75


Your Name of Company Name: (As you wish it to appear in all printed materials.)


Important Print Deadline: Please return financial contribution by November 21, 2016 to be included in the program.

 Contact/Representative:  __________________________                

 Company/Organization:   ___________________________                             

 Address:                          __________________________                                

 City/State/Zip:                 __________________________        

 Phone:   __________________________                        FAX: _________________________________                     

 Email:  __________________________             

Please make checks payable to Child Care Council of Greater Houston, Inc. and mail to the address above or simply FAX this form to 713.266-6586 to be invoiced.

       square.png Check enclosed $ _______                    square.png Please invoice our company for $_________________________ 

       square.png I/We cannot attend, but enclosed is a check for $_______________________________________________

       square.png Please bill credit card for $ ______       square.png American Express____________     square.png Discover   ___________  

       square.png MC        square.png Visa 

Card #:  _______________________

CID (3 digit code): _________________________  Expiration Date: ______________________________________

Name on card: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________________________

Billing Address if different from above:




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