Health Partners for Healthy People Houston (HPHP-H) initiative forms the centerpiece of the process of creating a healthy Houston with healthy children, healthy people, and a world class city for the 21st century.


What is HPHP - H?

  • Model for Community Health Practice
  • Disease Prevention
  • Community-based Health Promotion
  • Ultimate objective is "People Promotion"
  • More than university-community partnership
  • Multi-sector private-public collaborative that integrates government resources and energy of the corporate sector.

 Who does HPHP - H serve?

The PEOPLE. Everyone irrespective of all barriers and categorizations

What is the mission of HPHP - H?

HPHP-H goals are consistent with the mission of Healthy People 2010, a prevention agenda for the nation, a statement of national health objectives presented by the US Department of Health and Human Services, and implemented by local, state, federal government, community agencies and private companies.

Goal 1: Increase Quality and Years of Healthy Life for all Americans
Goal 2: Eliminate Health Disparities

Why do we want healthy people (HP)?

Healthy people are essential elements in creating a vital city, creating competitive businesses, generating and enjoying the fruits of economic prosperity. Healthier people are happier, better citizens and consumers.

Why do we need Health Partners (HP) for Healthy People (HP) or HPHP?

We are all aware of the complexity inherent in community problems. Solutions arising from collaboration and cooperation have greater sustainability. Partnerships and collaborations multiply the impact of our actions in improving the social and general health of Houston. Symbiosis is the key to creating healthy communities.

Why Health Partners for Healthy People in Houston or HPHP - H?

The tremendous diversity in Houston; a strength that makes it an important node of the global economy, with plentiful opportunities for growth, also makes it ideal for the launch of an initiative such as HPHP-H. Process of democratic dialogue will help set priorities, decision-making, and implementation of action plans using available resources; encouraging diverse groups to participate actively in improving their neighborhoods; raising living standards of Houston.

Who are the Health Partners in HPHP - H?

A diverse group of community members, local businesses, social service agencies, private physicians, universities, and multinational corporations among others, who are concerned, care about the city and its children, and are committed to making a bright future for Houston’s communities.


The future of a community is the central focus of many of its activities. Our children are our future and HPHP-H keeps them at the center. They need the right tools to become productive citizens; tools such as literacy (reading, writing, arithmetic) and computer skills. Planned projects such as "Collective Reading" involving parents, grandparents and children in skills building projects. Other projects are: Training programs for health and social service professionals who serve children with the required skills to address community problems within limited resources.

What are HPHP - H activities?

They include, but are not restricted to:

  • Production of health education materials
  • Processes for distribution in communities
  • People development training and learning work shops for providers & client
  • Development of sustainable systems for community health promotion activities
  • Community events bringing people together


• HPHP-H activities integrate academic theories of social and behavioral change with practical experiences of community based agencies; bringing them closer to their missions of service to people; improving the standard of living by creating circumstances where unemployment levels are low and economic opportunities abound. Learning is the key to better life.

• Flyers, brochures, newsletters, posters, street plays with appropriate and relevant tailored messages about healthier lifestyles, prevention and control of various health problems will be produced regularly, and distributed or hosted by community-based collaborators called Health Partners, such as local businesses and establishments. This information is given to the public free of charge. Partners will display a sticker identifying themselves as HPHP-H member.



• Events for families and children

• Health fairs

• Newsletters and publications

• Certificates and Award Luncheons

• Periodic meetings

• Basic Computer and Internet Skills

• Peer Educator Training

• Needs assessment training

• Community capacity building training

• Meetings of university researchers and government agencies with community members and workers.


HPHP - H - a multi-sector collaborative

Of the community, by the community, for the community, in the community


Project Directors:

Juanita Harang, CEO

Child Care Council of Greater Houston Inc.


Dr. Nilesh Chatterjee

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